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Binary Options are DEAD! Forex is on life support. WHAT TO PROMOTE?? ANSWER IS BITCOIN!

Bitcoin is back, baby :) And our mega BTC Robot is back again with a completely new version, strong and profitable!

The World`s First Automated Bitcoin Trading Robot!
(No Binaries, No Forex, No Banks, No Holidays, No Censorship!)

Base Product Price:
Silver is $19.99/month ($240 per year),
Gold is $39.99/month ($480/year) and
Platinum is $399 (one time)

Upsells & Cross Sells:

2 Upsells, Unlimited Betting Robot Access (usually sold for $199 recurring) Now at a One-Time fee of $249 USD! And Trade Arbitrage Software, Never Lose A Sport Trade again with Our Arbitrage Software at $149


both upsells together at a discount price of $349
Affiliate Commissions: 60% on every sale =
up to $423 per customer for you!

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Q: I am in Forex, Binaries and/or the IM Niche. Why should I promote this?

A: Good Question...

Forex: Forex Is FLOODED! Conversions are nowhere near what they used to be... from manual trading systems (very bad) to Courses (worse) to dreaded EAs (expert advisors), people have had enough! They don`t want the 10th course... they want something that works. Have A Look at this Forex Trend:

As you can see, the interest in Forex spiked in 2009 but has been declining since then. Pair that with the increasing amount of "crap" that is thrown into the market and you can see how your subscribers are in dire need of something new and untapped!

Binary Options:

It's no surprise that Binary Options are DEAD. Truth is binary option brokers are nothing more than casinos! They offer big bonuses to customers and then flat out scam them out of their money. A customer might fall once but wont touch this again, and may even blame you for promoting it! In the end, you will harm your list and sacrifice long-term earnings and your relationship with your customers.

We agree that binaries are making money,.. but at the expense of consumer trust... it's going to be downwards from then on..

IMPORTANT: As you know... the money is in the list... but only in a HAPPY one! Don`t sacrifice your relationship with your buyers!

IM (Internet Marketing) List Owners ← You guys are the most flexible ones. The more different the products that you advertise, the better... variety is the key to keep you list happy... and what could be more diverse than the world`s first WORKING electronic crypto-currency robot?
and here we are! .... BITCOIN!

As you can see, Bitcoin didn`t even exist before 2009... and the interest in this electronic currency soared especially after all the issues with banks collapsing, money being taken out or accounts locked without even having the legal grounds to do so! (see the cyprus debacle; bank accounts locked from one day to another)... and interest will only continue to soar... Bitcoin is going to be very famous very soon!

Remember: The more the peoples' faith and trust in their governments dwindle... the bigger and better Bitcoin becomes as it is made by people for people without fees, blockades, censorships or anything like it... it's free and limitless!

Already people use it to purchase apartments, withdraw money from Bitcoin ATM machines, rent services, buy eBay goods with it and much, much more... So, what could be better than offering a fully automated trading solution to your clients that makes them earn a ton of money in the form of bitcoins??

But The Key Question Is: Important!
Why Does The Bitcoin Robot Truly Work?

Simple... The bitcoin robot is not buying stocks or currencies! Or not even in the "options" market... it doesn't care about inflated spreads, slippage, commissions for brokers... these values do NOT EXIST in the bitcoin world!

It is commission-free and cost-free...
And it relies on the average "dumb" individual to make profits...


As Bitcoin is extremely new, so are its users, buyers and sellers alike... most are inexperienced, just reading about the inflation-free currency and wanting to buy or sell some or "play" with it... serious bitcoin users are still very VERY rare.

The typical Bitcoin user purchases bitcoins at a much higher price than needed (unwilling to wait for good market conditions) and sells them much cheaper than possible (again unwilling to wait for a good price)


Here's where the BITCOIN ROBOT shines! Since it's automated and active 7 days a week without holidays or downtime, it monitors the market tradeplaces for good bitcoin prices all the time... and once it sees a true opportunity to buy bitcoin cheap, it does so! The same principle applies to selling... when there is an opening to sell bitcoins for a good price (the overbuying phase), it opens up many micro-transactions and sells bitcoins at the highest possible price... then the process repeats... hundreds of times, every single day of the week!

Do you realize the potential?? We are here in a unique position... nothing even remotely similar exists on the market... No one has ever sold such a robot before... but YOU can!

Simply make some free space in your calendar and get ready to make a ton of money with sky high EPCs! When was the last time you could promote an unique product with absolute zero similarities to any other?

This is no push button clickbank screenshot software... not your tenth forex robot or 12th forex course and certainly not your hundredth E-book or system... it's simple, understandable and it works GREAT!

Email Swipe Series, Pages and Content!
Email 1
: Introduction To Bitcoin

It's very important to preheat your leads before the sale. Bitcoin is a new niche! We will start introducing Bitcoin, what it is, by whom it was invented and explain the principles behind it. It's a very informative page with lots of facts and trivia and it won`t have any sales angle at all... but a lot of good content. A 1 minute 40 seconds Video will explain what Bitcoin is all about... the 2nd video on site is a really good video from Bloomberg TV explaining the media hype and to cover the commercial angle... how companies are gathering venture capital to start into the bitcoin market..

At the end, we will hint at the Bitcoin Robot + offer them a special presentation link to get the opt-ins!
Email 2
: First Programmer Video
2nd day will have the senior programmer, Yegor, explain in video the concept of "Human Greed... how the Bitcoin Robot utilizes it to make money in a transparent but logical way. It will slowly explain the principles of trading and why the robot will be limited in copies once finished developing... urging them to sign up for a "priority position by leaving their name and E-mail!
Email 3
: 2nd Programmer Video
We start Again With a Video of 2nd programmer in charge, Dimitry Khulesow, who explains how the robot was designed to be sustainable long-term, its profit potential, deposit minimums and limits and much more... again, quite short in size (people need feasible chunks of video nowadays... 30 minutes is too long ;) Today's heat up will be The Opt-In Form for making money without mining in Bitcoin with a valuable (not junk, it will be sold on Amazon afterwards) E-book about Bitcoin... 33 pages with tips, info and some manual trading strategies that will whet the appetite for Bitcoins! (this is High quality info, not some quickly assembled trash!) Nicely designed with some concrete earning methods and tips!
Day 4
: Prize Giveaway!
Timer ticking down: Announcement of 5 unlimited Bitcoin robot licenses to be given away to our lucky participants!
Email 5
: Summary Of Content

Time to urge the people to be quick as the page might be removed any minute once the sales goal has been reached. All past videos and articles and interviews summarized + linked to be watchable again

Prize Giveaway! Announcing that amongst all the E-book downloaders, 5 lucky campers will receive a platinum Bitcoin robot license to start trading and making money right away!
Conversion Tip:

For Today Bitcoin Blast very effective to add this image into the body with your aff link on top

it looks like a real Player and people click it a lot!!!

The title above video should say "Undeniable proof of the Bitcoin Robot trading Live and making $386.18 profit completely on autopilot in front of your eyes! "

Main Sales Swipes (EVERGREEN) Use it any time but make sure to send preheating series of 5 emails first!
Email 6
: First Public Reactions!
First assessment, hype-building mail... copies are selling out... building pressure to snatch up the last copies before the window of opportunity closes. First Testimonials of the first buyers... showing some trades the Bitcoin Robot did before!
Email 7: Attack?
: Doors Are Closing!
Final batch of copies released... Was already sold out before but we could make room for 200 copies more... Final chance to grab a Bitcoin money-making license!
Email 8: Drama! Post Attack Swipe

The DDOS attack against bitcoin profit makers may have slowed down our site but made us realize how badly people want the service and how good conversion is. We are glad to report that everyone who installed the robot is already in PROFIT!

Use the DDOS attack angle in your advantage in promos.

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Email 9: All People are in profit!

First customers already started trading and we already have profitable results from them!!! We are glad to report everyone who installed is winning with BTC Robot.

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More Evergreen E-mail Swipes
Evergreen : DDOS Attack Angle Drama Swipe

The DDOS attack against bitcoin profit makers may have slowed down our site but made us realize how badly people want the service and how good conversion is. We are glad to report that everyone who installed the robot is already in PROFIT!

Use the DDOS attack angle in your advantage in promos.

Take a look on the Profit generated and use it in your promos URL:
Forex List Evergreen Swipe
Bitcoin is much better than forex because you are free of Forex limitations. You can actually trade 24x7 not just 5 days a week. More profit, less risk!
Forex is DEAD. Evergreen swipe about death of forex.
Protect your Privacy! Very powerful swipe
Make sure to include the image we provided with anonymous masks.

It's true..

with traditional banking systems.. not only you pay a fortune in fees .. on every wire, on every transaction on every deposit.. on every withdrawal.. but you are as transparent as glass... your companies records.. your private funds.. the government sees and spies on it all.. don`t you hate it when people nose around in your private business??


How about you make regular automated earnings (as quick as by tomorrow) and withdraw those with your 100% anonymous debit card?

thats right.. bitcoin allows you to not only..

earn money everyday without the need to push a single button (talk about push button software.. lol)

but to keep your funds completely segregated from your bank accounts.. how much you make and how much you withdraw is something only you should know and be entitled to know!

Get your privacy back.. and earn hundreds of dollars a day doing so :)

Click here to start [LINK]

Tip!.. wait 20 seconds and watch the profit monitor appear.. these are real live accounts people are making this kind of money, I could personally see this software in action!

Invented by russians, the world best IT geeks.. but working worldwide :)

Click to download [LINK]

the power of cloud computing and 100% anonymous moneymaking will surprise you !

Protect your privacy!


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Don`t say we did not warn you!! :)
And remember: The early bird catches the? ... You GOT IT!